I.        Objectives of this year

1.       To promote ‘One Student One Activity’ Program (School Major Concern No.1, 2)

2.       To encourage students’ participation in ECA school-wide functions (School Major Concern No.1, 2)

3.       To train students’ leadership (School Major Concern No. 2)

4.       To cultivate a caring culture in our school by encouraging students to serve others (School Major Concern No. 2).

5.       All S.4 and S.5 students are obliged to serve charitable voluntary organization flag selling once a year. (School Major Concern No.1, 2)

6.       All S.4 and S.5 students have to take part in external arts experience organized by school. (School Major Concern No.1, 2)

II.       Regulation for Students

1.       Participation

a.       S.1 - S.4 students must take part in at least one club, but not exceed two.

b.       S.5 - S.6 students are free to participate in one or two clubs.

2.       Students should attend their clubs’ meetings on time with positive attitude. Absence other than sickness should be applied beforehand. Lateness, early leave or absence without any reason would be recorded. Frequent absentees would be expelled.

3.       Student whose attendance rate is below 40% will be disqualified automatically.

4.       The meeting time for extra-curricular activities is

a.       During lunchtime on weekdays;          b.   After school till 5:30 p.m. on weekdays;

c.       From 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon on Saturdays or during school holidays.

5.       Students must participate in activities for the whole school, such as picnic, visit and etc.

III.      Award System

1.    Certificate of Merit will be recorded to the students whose attendance rate is 80% or above for the whole year upon the recommendation by their club advisors.

2.    Certificate of Participation will be recorded to students whose attendance rate is between 60% and 79%.

3.    Certificates and / or trophies will be awarded to winners of school activities and competitions.

4.    Merits will be awarded to those who serve in houses, societies or clubs with excellent performance.

5.    Performances of extra-curricular activities will be recorded on student reports for accreditation.