Our students should learn to
1. exercise self-respect and self-discipline, obey law and be polite;
2. be generous and forgiving;
3. develop a sense of responsibility and a conscientious attitude to work;
4. love and be eager to help other people;
5. be righteous, unbiased and incorruptible;
6. treasure natural resources and conserve the environment.
Our students should learn to
1. think independently and distinguish right from wrong;
2. develop their potential and creativity;
3. express their thoughts and communicate in bi-literate and tri-lingual (in written Chinese and English, and spoken English, Cantonese and Putonghua);
4. calculate with numbers and apply information technology;
5. master the skills to collect, analyses, synthesize, and evaluate data and infer logically;
6. be hard-working and aggressive, objective and openminded, and actively learn new knowledge and skills.
Our students should learn to
  1. foster a strong physique, and develop good physical fitness;
  2. master the basic skills of common sports;
  3. challenge oneself and cultivate a firm mind and the perseverance to achieve;
  4. cultivate team spirit and an attitude of fairness in competition.
Our students should learn to
1. build up a healthy, harmonious relationship with others in social life, be filial to elders in the family and relatives, love siblings, be friendly to schoolmates, respect the elderly and be amiable to neighbours;
2. care about the community and the world, and develop a sense of belonging to one’s own group, country and race;
3. be competent, and to develop the spirit of serving others;
4. respect and care for others, and help the needy;
5. be public-spirited, and make contribution to the community and the country;
6. understand the concepts of democracy, liberty, equality, human rights and the rule of law.
Our students should learn to
1. appreciate music, art, literature, dance, drama and visual art;
2. communicate thoughts and feelings through different kinds of artistic expressions;
3. explore and develop creativity and imagination;
4. cultivate sensibility, and enrich the quality of life.
Our students should learn to
1. know about and build up a Christian view of ethics and values;
2. cultivate purity in thoughts and a healthy mind and spirit;
3. express feelings appropriately and control one’s emotions;
4. handle in a positive way stress and difficulties in life.