Title A Thousand Splendid Suns
Call No. F HOS Author Hosseini, Khaled
Brief Description

Mariam is only fifteen when she is sent to Kabul to marry Rasheed. Nearly two decades later, a friendship grows between Mariam and a local teenager, Laila, as strong as the ties between mother and daughter. When the Taliban take over, life becomes a desperate struggle against starvation, brutality and fear. Yet love can move a person to act in unexpected ways, and lead them to overcome the most daunting obstacles with a startling heroism.

Title City of Thieves
Call No. F BEN Author Benioff, David
Brief Description

Four months into the siege of Leningrad, the city is starving. Seventeen-year-old Lev fears for his life when he is arrested for looting the body of a dead German paratrooper, while his charismatic cellmate, Kolya, a handsome young soldier arrested for desertion, seems bizarrely unafraid. Dawn brings, instead of an execution squad, an impossible challenge. Lev and Kolya can find a dozen eggs for an NKVD colonel to use for his daughter's wedding cake, and live. Or fail, and die. In the depths of the coldest winter in history, through a city cut off from all supplies and suffering appalling deprivation, man and boy embark on an absurd hunt. Their search will take them through desolate, lawless Leningrad and the devastated countryside surrounding it, in the captivating journey of two men trying to survive against desperate odds.

Title Revolutionary Road
Call No. F YAT Author Yates, Richard
Brief Description

Hailed as a masterpiece from the moment of its first publication, "Revolutionary Road" is the story of Frank and April Wheeler, a bright, beautiful, and talented couple whose empty suburban life is held together by the dream that greatness is only just round the corner. With heartbreaking compassion and clarity, Richard Yates shows how Frank and April mortgage their hopes and ideals, betraying in the end not only each other, but their own best selves.


The Princess Diaries: To the Nines

Call No. F CAB Author Cabot, Meg
Brief Description

Mia has hit an all-time low. Lilly isn't speaking to her. Someone is posting horrible things about her on ihatemiathermopolis.com. Grandmere is forcing her to give a speech to two thousand of the most powerful businesswomen in America. And oh yeah: Michael, the love of her life, has dumped her. But despite what the press seems to think, Mia has more on her mind than recruiting a new Prince Charming. Like solving a 400-year-old mystery that could mean BIG changes for little Genovia. But is Mia really ready to throw away her tiara especially if it means destroying a dynasty?

Title The Welsh Girl
Call No. F DAV Author Davies, Peter H.
Brief Description

In 1944, a German Jewish refugee is sent to Wales to interview Rudolf Hess; in Snowdonia, a seventeen-year-old girl, the daughter of a fiercely nationalistic shepherd, dreams of the bright lights of an English city; and in a nearby POW camp, a German soldier struggles to reconcile his surrender with his sense of honour. As their lives intersect, all three will come to question where they belong and where their loyalties lie. Peter Ho Davies' thought-provoking and profoundly moving first novel traces a perilous wartime romance as it explores the bonds of love and duty that hold us to family, country, and ultimately our fellow man. Vividly rooted in history and landscape, "The Welsh Girl" reminds us anew of the pervasive presence of the past, and the startling intimacy of the foreign.


Title Small Steps
Call No. F SAC Author Sachar, Louis
Brief Description

Armpit and X-Ray are living in Austin, Texas. It is three years since they left the confines of Camp Green Lake Detention Centre and Armpit is taking small steps to turn his life around. He is working for a landscape gardener because he is good at digging holes, he is going to school and he is enjoying his first proper romance, but is he going to be able to stay out of trouble when there is so much building up against him? In this brilliantly plotted and exciting novel, Armpit is joined by many vibrant new characters, and is learning what it takes to stay on course, and that doing the right thing is never the wrong choice.


Title Music and Song
Call No. 780.7 MUR Author Murphey, Tim
Brief Description

Each book covers a key area of language teaching, followed by examples and discussion of actual classroom materials and techniques. Each book covers a key area of language teaching, followed by examples and discussion of actual classroom materials and techniques. This book describes how music can be integrated into a language classroom.


Title Creative Poetry Writing
Call No. 808.1 SPI Author Spiro, Jane
Brief Description

Features seventy-five activity types for classes of various sizes. This work helps learners sing, chant, beat time, write and perform jingles and short poems, and experiment with sounds of words, metaphors, and similes.


Title Dead on Their Feet
Call No. F ALF Author Alfonsi, Alice
Brief Description

Do you ever feel exhausted and drowsy, like you need more sleep? If you do, you're not alone.

A recent study by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) found that 60 percent of people under the age of eighteen complained of daytime tiredness. Fifteen percent (one out of every seven) said they were so tired they fell asleep in school. You may think that not getting sufficient sleep is no big deal, but think again. According to the National Sleep Foundation, sleep deprivation can put you at high risk for unintentional injury and death; low grades and poor school performance; negative moods; and increased likelihood of stimulant use. The National Highway Traffic "Safety Administration" views driving drowsy as actually more dangerous, and more deadly, than driving drunk! What is sleep? Why do we need it? What causes sleep deprivation and how can it be avoided? What are its tragic results?

This book answers these and other questions by using a readable blend of real-life accounts, easy-to-understand statistics, scientific data, and practical suggestions.

Title Diet and Your Emotions
Call No. 616.85 esh Author Esherick, Joan
Brief Description

Food is a basic life necessity. It's also one of life's most basic pleasures. Most of us don't just eat because we're hungry. We eat because we're sad, happy, bored, anxious, lonely, excited, celebrating, and for thousands of other reasons.

As wonderful as food can be, many Americans have a troubled relationship with food. They use it to feed their emotions, and this can be dangerous to their health. In America today, obesity, the state of being very overweight, is a national crisis, and this crisis is affecting young people like never before. One out of every six people between the ages of six and nineteen is overweight with an additional one out of six in danger of becoming overweight.

Overweight and obesity pose serious health risks, and some experts fear that unless we curb this trend, young people today will have a lower life expectancy than their parents' generation. If you're an emotional eater, you are not alone. This book will help you understand why people form certain relationships with food and what the consequences can be. Along the way, you will learn what your body really needs to be healthy and how to reevaluate food's role in your own life to achieve nutritional and emotional balance.


Title Social Worker
Call No. 361.3 BRI Author Brinkerhoff, Shirley
Brief Description

Find out what it takes to be a social worker with character...Social workers help children and adults identify their problems, decide on effective solutions, and find reliable resources. They do this in a variety of settings, including: community centers; settlement houses; schools; hospitals; prisons; and, nursing homes. In order to enter the field of social work, a bachelor's degree is required, and many jobs require a master's as well. Academic knowledge alone is not enough, though. Because social workers enter their clients' lives in times of trouble, need, or crisis, they need to possess all the qualities of a good character. Clients need a worker who is trustworthy, compassionate, and fair; one who is responsible in his or her work, and who practices self-discipline and good citizenship toward all clients. Social workers with these qualities will have the opportunity to do a world of good in their communities. Read "Social Worker" and find out how.




Title Journalist
Call No. 070 BON Author Bonnice,Sherry
Brief Description

Find out what it takes to be a journalist with character. Journalists have any career areas from which to choose. Some of the most common include: news reporter; editor; investigative reporter; magazine writer; freelance writer; and, foreign correspondent. Most employers in this field require experience as well as education, and equally important is character. Without the core qualities of a good character, journalists' work does not benefit those it serves. That's why journalists need: integrity to report a story accurately, and compassion and respect for human beings who need their stories told. Journalists have the power to fight injustices, ignorance, poverty, and prejudice. "Journalist" will show you how.




Title Map Basics
Call No. 912 BAB Author Baber, Maxwell
Brief Description

A great intro for first-time map users. Begins with a simple explanation of the history of mapmaking and then introduces topics like how to find direction and location, types of maps, map scale, map projection, and modern technologies now used to make maps.




Title Job Power: Master the Job Search
Call No. 371.425 OPP Author Oppliger, Rolf
Brief Description

The second title in a three-part series, Job Power: Master the Job Search walks the reader through a variety of exercises and activities that narrow down the job search.

Part 1: Laying the Groundwork includes targeting particular resources, itemizing an individual's success stories, and more.

Part 2: Create a Winning Resume covers the purpose of resumes, how to create one, the language to use, etc.

Part 3: The Four Proven Ways to Find a Job includes sections on how to network, writing target letters, employment agencies, responding to ads, and more.

Part 4: Your Work Plan develops step-by-step approaches to succeeding in the job search.




Title Job Power: Ace the Interview
Call No. 371.425 OPP Author Oppliger, Rolf
Brief Description

Job Power: Ace the Interview is the third title in a three-part series. Developed for high school students or adults returning to the work force, it helps prospective job-seekers with that final, critical step in getting a new position: the job interview. Filled with checklists, action sheets, sample documents, and role-playing activities, Job Power: Ace the Interview's topics include:

Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Skills on the Job Your 60-Second Infomercial

Difficult Questions You May Be Asked

Making a Good First Impression

Letter After an Interview




Title 100 Natural Disasters
Call No. 363.34 VIG Author Vigue, Jordi
Brief Description

Illustrated throughout with stunning photos, this book reminds human beings not only of their fragility, but also of the wild origins of the most exotic and beautiful scenery on Earth today.




書名 嫌疑犯X的獻身
索書號 889 5641 作者



總是透過窗戶凝視著隔壁女子的孤獨數學天才,和女兒相依為命於都會一隅的寂寞女子,兩道孤寂的靈魂,因為一場偶發的犯罪交會,他決定獻出一切,只為帶給她永恆的幸福; 面對著這般義無反顧的犧牲,她又該如何做出人生最困難的抉擇?這段賭上生命的愛情之路盡頭,將會有著什麼等待著兩人? 究竟愛一個人,可以愛到什麼地步? 究竟什麼樣的邂逅,可以捨命不悔? 邏輯的盡頭,不是理性與秩序的理想國, 而是我用生命奉獻的愛情。

「這是我所能想到最純粹的愛情,最好的詭計。」 東野圭吾自信之作,創作生涯偉大的頂點。


書名 走到人生邊上 — 自問自答
索書號 CRA Z2238 作者 楊絳


《走到人生邊上──自問自答》一書共分為兩部分,第一部分作者關注於神鬼,藉此探討天命以及人類的文明等問題。第二部分則由多篇散文構成,作者自稱是注釋自己的思索過程。 楊絳在書中稱,自己在三年前患病住院期間,想著自己已經「走到人生邊上」。回到家後好像著了魔,給這個題目纏住了,想不通又甩不開,接著透過讀書幫助自己思索,也提供讀者一個絕無僅有的機會,深入一個經歷整個歷史生命風浪的世紀人物,在高齡的人生邊上做出怎樣的思索。




書名 聽楊絳談往事
索書號 CRA Z2236 作者 吳學昭

心明眼亮,敏銳勇敢,九十餘載人生故事。錢鍾書夫人、著名作家、評論家、翻譯家、學者楊絳的傳記。 歷時三年 唯一經傳主本人認定的一部傳記!

本書作者是教育家吳宓之女吳學昭。本書記錄了自楊絳出生至98本書作者為歲的經歷,除了楊絳先生序和作者後記之外,分為十九章節。《聽楊絳談往事》相當於楊絳的自述。 作者吳學昭與錢鍾書、楊絳為通家之好,其父著名學者、教育家吳宓先生是錢鍾書先生、楊絳先生兩位清華大學時代的老師。今年79歲的吳學昭在退休後,常幫楊絳先生處理事務,兩人經常接觸交流,有時也談論往事、話家常。 《聽楊絳談往事》一書不僅是對一個家庭私生活的津津樂道,更是對中國讀書人深邃厚重的人情及正直清朗的操持的推崇和對一個時代的知識分子的生活狀態、生存空間的關注。


書名 圖解時間簡史
索書號 323.9 1010 作者 二間瀨敏史

看過「哆啦A夢」的讀者都知道,他有一個非常神奇的四度空間口袋,裡面應有盡有,而其中的萬能工具─時光機,更能穿越時空,回到恐龍時代及奔向未來。 但在現實生活中的二十一世紀,是否有可能發生呢?


書名 66億人的共同繁榮
索書號 553.3 9020 作者 傑佛瑞•薩

全世界首屈一指的經濟學家,也是《紐約時報》暢銷書《終結貧窮》的作者,針對環境惡化、人口急速成長以及赤貧現象等危及全球和平與繁榮的問題提出迫切需要的評析。本書以新的經濟典範為根據,為擁擠的地球提出一套實用的解決方案。 人類未來大預言 創造擁擠地球上的共同繁榮 人類已經來到存亡絕續的關頭。

當今世界經濟面臨的各種危機,幾乎全都源自環境問題:氣候變遷、環境污染、水資源短缺、動物滅絕、可耕地減少、海中生物耗竭、石油資源緊縮、難以消除的赤貧現象、全球流行病的威脅,以及嚴重的財富不均。 除非我們了解這些問題之間全都存在因果關係,否則就不可能解決得了其中任何一項問題。

全球首屈一指的經濟學家、哥倫比亞大學地球研究所主任傑佛瑞.薩克斯,從整體的角度整合各學科的研究,為所有問題尋求實際的解決方案。 要了解氣候變遷、抗暖化科技、綠能科技、水資源變化、生物多樣性、人口變遷到反恐行動等全球重要議題的最新演變,本書都有詳盡剖析,並以具有說服力的計畫主張全球合作共創繁榮無須耗費鉅資就可達成,為人類指出了一條希望之路。本書是所有要擘畫未來的領導人不可不讀的參考書。


書名 每天進步一點點
索書號 191 7576 作者 N/A



《每天進步一點點》鼓勵勤學精神,故事生動有趣,內涵豐富,深具良好的審美價值和教育功能。 每本書都會根據故事設計有「開心辭典」、「小博士」、「名人講堂」或「腦筋急轉彎」、「逗你玩」、「猜猜看」等啟智性且趣味性的對話框小編排,故事張力強,閱讀容易,輕鬆引導孩子與故事互動,讓閱讀更具趣味性,提升孩子的閱讀樂趣。


書名 每天做好一件事
索書號 191 7576 作者 N/A



《每天做好一件事》強調智力智慧,故事生動有趣,內涵豐富,深具良好的審美價值和教育功能。 每本書都會根據故事設計有「開心辭典」、「小博士」、「名人講堂」或「腦筋急轉彎」、「逗你玩」、「猜猜看」等啟智性且趣味性的對話框小編排,故事張力強,閱讀容易,輕鬆引導孩子與故事互動,讓閱讀更具趣味性,提升孩子的閱讀樂趣。

書名 心中有愛天地寬
索書號 191 7576 作者 N/A



《心中有愛天地寬》表達親情真愛,故事生動有趣,內涵豐富,深具良好的審美價值和教育功能。 每本書都會根據故事設計有「開心辭典」、「小博士」、「名人講堂」或「腦筋急轉彎」、「逗你玩」、「猜猜看」等啟智性且趣味性的對話框小編排,故事張力強,閱讀容易,輕鬆引導孩子與故事互動,讓閱讀更具趣味性,提升孩子的閱讀樂趣。

書名 聖誕郵蹤
索書號 245 2220 作者 黃善美


書名 去中國人的幻想世界玩一趟
索書號 848 7135 作者 阿濃


書名 火柴人 & friends 歷奇大挑戰
索書號 857 4400 作者 黃毅之


經歷投考消防員一役,火柴人今次又有新挑戰── 火柴人& Friends,齊齊上山涉水游繩踩單車參加「歷奇大挑戰」! 今次故事要說的不單是個人生命的突破,而是通過歷奇的全過程,看火柴人& Friends如何一起面對逆境、排除萬難、堅持到底,出錢出力又出汗之後,最終一起成長! 同場加映:讀者來信大感動!火柴人遠赴日本交流實錄!

書名 那年夏天, 我們走出教室 非洲、愛滋、7+1
索書號 547.1 5602 作者 中原大學友.愛.資數位服務團



書名 快樂解碼
索書號 192.1 2114 作者 何玉燕





書名 校園密令谷
索書號 857 2644 作者 吳嘉榆

智勇美貌俱全的五人組, 在校園搞地下組織, 偵查獎杯謀殺案, 暗訪班主任的女友, 還窺探單身女校長的藏機私密...情節離奇惹笑, 為平板的學校生活, 帶來清新驚喜、 甜美回憶。

書名 好男隊長
索書號 857 2644 作者 吳嘉榆


書名 變身校園
索書號 857 7240 作者 劉振國、余慧明



孩子討厭讀書,是他的錯嗎? 孩子沒有信心,是他的錯嗎? 孩子搗蛋生事,是他的錯嗎? 孩子自暴自棄,是他的錯嗎?


書名 一杯涼水─大專生在弱勢社群中的體驗實錄
索書號 247.8 1431 作者 鄺玉婷、黃洪、謝任生


書名 拾五拾六FAQ──懂性篇
索書號 544.6 6022 作者 Q師傅

少年十五十六時,最令人十五十六的問題,老師未必知道,家長也「矇查查」,Q師傅卻知道;不單知道,而且對答如流,因為這些都是FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions),就只有在年輕人喜歡的網站裡(Uzone21.com),沒有人知道自己的真正身分,便可以問得放心,答得認真。師傅過招第一式便是「懂性篇」,以防青少年未懂性便無師自通;要能助人自助,不可不讀《拾五拾六FAQ──懂性篇》。

書名 社交不恐懼
索書號 192.3 7724 作者 關秀娟

你當著全校師生發言時感到害怕嗎? 你對著公司的管理高層就笨嘴拙舌,不能把精彩意念說明嗎? 你在某些社交場合中,一定覺得不安或恐懼嗎? 你會逃避出席那些令自己感到焦慮的社交場合嗎? 若你在上述任何一個處境之下產生過於強烈的焦慮或恐懼感覺,那麼你可能受到社交畏懼症困擾。什麼是社交畏懼症?難道在社交場合中表現得害羞、膽小,就等同患上社交畏懼症嗎?


書名 紅客特警-山海奇俠傳
索書號 CRC Z2218 作者 楊鵬、 陸楊



書名 手中都是星星
索書號 875.5 9200 作者 拉菲克.沙米


書名 巨人睿智:現代生活篇
索書號 307 6082 作者 呂全信





書名 人際關係與溝通
索書號 195.1 1011 作者 毛菁華等




書名 算兩次
索書號 312.1 6648 作者 單墫




書名 數學家是怎麼思考的
索書號 310 9054 作者 梭爾





書名 數學腦
索書號 310 7093 作者 岡部恆治、桃崎剛壽




書名 和諧世界與大國競爭
索書號 578.2 8738 作者 鄭永年




書名 中國元年
索書號 552.2 1011 作者 博冰

中國正在用它的方式影響著世界,美國著名經濟學家,哥倫比亞的傑佛瑞•薩克斯(Jeffrey Sachs)教授曾說:「中國是世界上從未有過的發展成功的最完美案例。」 然而,沒有人能預測中國的未來。這個世界上最古老的國度之一,這個擁有漫長封建制度歷史的帝國,這個擁有世界最多人口的國家,這個走著與世界上絕大多數國家不同的社會主義道路的國家,它將擁有怎樣的明天?

沒有先例,沒有借鑒,沒有比較,沒有參照,我們能做的只有觀察和思考。 這本書正是觀察與思考的產物。全書十五章,縱橫概括了中國當前各方面的熱門話題,以客觀的態度闡述了中國在政治、經濟、文化、軍事以及社會各方面現狀,深入剖析它們的歷史成因和走勢,將中國最真實的面貌呈現在讀者眼前,與讀者一起追尋和探討這個世界都在關注的問題:二○○八,中國元年!


書名 諺語精華錄
索書號 539.9 1700 作者 尹斌庸




書名 歇後語精華錄
索書號 539.9 1700 作者 尹斌庸




書名 論語 精華版
索書號 181.1 4444 作者 蔡希勤



書名 孟子 精華版
索書號 121.2 4444 作者 蔡希勤



書名 中庸 精華版
索書號 097.4 4444 作者 蔡希勤



書名 大學 精華版
索書號 097 4444 作者 蔡希勤



書名 香港古樹名木
索書號 436.1 2344 作者 香港園藝學會


《香港古樹名木》是香港園藝學會邀請中國科學院華南植物園的專家在本港全面並有系統地調查香港的古樹名木後出版的書,書中收載了香港古樹名木100 種,內容詳實,書中亦附有圖片,令身為香港人的我們可以安坐家中,欣賞本地的名樹。


Title The Golden Compass
Call No. F HOS Author Hosseini, Khaled
Brief Description

'The Golden Compass' is an adaptation of the first book in the beloved but controversial fantasy series by Phillip Pullman. The story opens with Lyra Belacqua (Dakota Blue Richards) an orphan girl who lives in an alternate world that is similar to earth, but where people's souls exist outside of their bodies in animal form. The people are ruled by a shadowy and oppressive council known as the Magisterium, which is doing it's best to keep everyone from getting information about what is called 'Dust.' Lyra's Uncle Asriel (Daniel Craig) has been researching Dust, and he has seen to it that Lyra is given safe shelter at Jordan College. But when the visiting Mrs. Coulter (Nicole Kidman) arrives, she asks Lyra to accompany her on a trip to the North to meet the Panserbjorne, a race of armoured bears. Before Lyra leaves, the Headmaster gives her a golden compass, a device which only she can read, and from which she can intuit the truth.

Lyra leaves with Mrs. Coulter, but when she learns that her friends have been kidnapped by 'Gobblers' she heads out to find them, and soon joins forces with the nomadic Gyptians, some witches, and an armoured bear called Iorek Byrnison (voice by Ian McKellen). Lyra finds her friends, and so discovers the evil plans the Magisterium has cooked up for the world's children. By the film's end, she has vowed to track down her Uncle Asriel, and to discover the true power of Dust.


Title The Passion of the Christ
Call No. RT 1533 Author N/A
Brief Description

The Passion of the Christ is a 2004 film co-written, co-produced and directed by Mel Gibson. It is based on the New Testament accounts of the arrest, trial, torture, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus, events commonly known as "The Passion". The film was rated R by the MPAA for "sequences of graphic violence." The film’s dialogue is in Aramaic, Latin, and Hebrew, with subtitles. It is the highest grossing non-English language film and the most successful R-rated film in the United States.


書名 真的戀愛了
索書號 RT 1510 作者 N/A




書名 天使心
索書號 RT 1502 作者 N/A

首次收錄影音使團經年力作 電影電視歌曲精選

凝聚全城歌手從心演繹 誠意打造13首牽動人心金曲


全新力作﹕《人生熱線影院》主題曲 [秋雨甘霖]及[耶和華是愛]主唱:陳敏之

必聽之選﹕《隱形鬥室》電影主題曲 [是?應許] 主唱:鄧婉玲

如詩似歌﹕《納尼亞佈道運動》主題曲 [深藏國度] 主唱:區文詩

首次輯錄﹕《亞洲英雄》電視劇主題曲 [愛] 主唱:黃貫中

Bonus VCD收錄:

(1)秋雨甘霖MV (2)是?應許MV (3)愛MV

(4)偶然遇上的驚喜MV (5)挪亞方舟MV


書名 藍天做證
索書號 RT 1500 作者 N/A

ZION NOiZ主音Terrence Leung 一手處理,由「兩情相悅」到「共偕連理」,10首摯愛原創cmm情歌,為你「喜上加喜」!


書名 團契遊樂園 4 - 恩典太美麗
索書號 RT 1501 作者 N/A

《團契遊樂園4》除了CD主題曲恩典太美麗,其他團契詩歌包括:愛您不改、絕盼、感動、You Are My Hiding Place 等詩歌也是不錯的製作。除了這些環繞神無私的愛而創作的詩歌外,大家不難發現專輯中還有不少很有鼓勵意思的歌曲。其中更有些是包含著察驗信徒生命及鼓勵大家活得更有愛心更似基督的歌詞。例如:一生一分一秒裡先道出很多已麻木了的心靈寫照:「天賜下愛心被捆綁,連安慰語都不會講,葬在被窩內借口,是明天很忙」;雖然是這樣,我們仍因著有從神而來的盼望而被激勵:「激發內心是有點光,能哭笑裡繼續期望,昨日創傷是能量,為明天鼓掌。」


書名 你是王
索書號 RT 1499 作者 N/A